Features that make a difference

Content variety

More than enough engaging and challenging activities with instant feedback to keep students advancing.

For younger ages

Juniors in younger grades are accompanied by their avatar within a journey-like environment.

For older ages

Your students in the upper grades have a menu page that is better suited to their age and maturity.


Recognition of achievement no matter the result is important for building confidence and motivation.

Personal Avatar

With recognition comes reward, and what better way than to spend hard earned credits on accessorising their very own avatar!

Reward games

The more learning that takes place, the more fun that can be had, but only until those credits run out!


All students can be congratulated for their amazing effort with personalised certificates at the touch of a button.

Word Mania

Annual VIP entry into the biggest game in town that is a global phenomenon - you won't believe the excitement!

Real-time reports

Monitor and track your students’ progress as they learn - you'll always be one step ahead with more time to spare.

Teacher control

In just a few clicks, you can select and assign activities to meet the individual learning needs of your students.

Auto revision

Concepts or skills students find difficult are automatically reassigned for them to retry at a later time. How cool!

Custom spelling

Create your own spelling list and activity combos on the fly - you are in the driver's seat so don't hold back!