Building spelling skills

Spelling ability reflects a child’s understanding of the connection between letters and sounds, as well as their understanding of alternative letter (grapheme) combinations. Therefore, spelling is a complex skill involving multiple components, including visual memory, phoneme-grapheme awareness, and even knowledge of word etymology.

LiteracyPlanet’s Spelling strand for both primary and secondary students has been developed with the understanding that spelling and vocabulary knowledge is fundamental to student success in both reading and writing. Knowing how to spell a word and understand its meaning in context is key to literacy development.

Our program enables students to learn and acquire thousands of new words that can be applied in real-world contexts.

Content structure

LiteracyPlanet’s Spelling strand provides explicit instruction in the three main levels of spelling and vocabulary analysis. Teaching each of these levels helps students master the complex skill of spelling and writing at the primary and secondary school level:

  1. Phonological – the letters or groups of letters (graphemes) that represent each sound (phoneme) within a word (e.g. /j/ /e/ /t/ in jet)
  2. Morphological – the smallest grammatical unit of a word (e.g. “sci” + “ence” in science)
  3. Lexicological – the meaning of a whole word (e.g. homophones “been” and “bean” sound the same but have different meanings)

All words that students encounter and learn to spell are provided within a meaningful context sentence to help build their literacy skills.

Play spelling activities

Play a selection of spelling activities your students will have access to with LiteracyPlanet. A subscription unlocks access to hundreds more!

Strand: Spelling

Learning Level: Year 1

Type: Test (Cannon Chaos)

Curriculum outline: Triple Consonant Blends -nch

Strand: Spelling

Learning Level: Year 5

Type: Practice (Sentence Jumble

Curriculum outline: Vowel Graphemes oo, ow, oi

Strand: Spelling

Learning Level: Year 6

Type: Practice (Code Phrase)

Curriculum outline: Root Words vita

Strand: Spelling

Learning Level: Year 10

Type: Practice (Rocky Ruins)

Curriculum outline: Difficult words (m - o)

Custom word lists

We have your curriculum covered! However, you have the control to create any number of customised word lists to meet your teaching needs. There are more than 45,000 words with context sentences available in LiteracyPlanet.

With our Custom Word Lists tool, you can quickly and easily assign your list of words using the activities your students already know and love. Just think of the possibilities!

Key literacy strands

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