About Us

We are on a mission to ‘inspire a lifetime of learning’ in all students around the world by giving them the opportunity to realise their true potential as confident, effective communicators. And we take this responsibility very seriously!

The transfer of information in today’s world is so rapid, that the ability to quickly and accurately assess and respond to what is being communicated is more important than ever – especially for children whose futures will rely heavily on their English literacy skills. This is what motivates us. To help every child become a proficient communicator. It’s what excites us to be the best at what we do, each and every day!

LiteracyPlanet is more than just a teaching and learning resource. It’s also a team of like-minded individuals who care deeply about making a positive and lasting difference to every child around the world.

Our Shared Purpose

“We create a world of wonder and caring for educators and learners of literacy – a world that fires the imagination, fosters curiosity, inspires creative expression, and drives student success.” – LiteracyPlanet

It is on us to deliver a superior teaching and learning resource. One that has impact, brings joy and creates a strong desire to engage and discover more. We have proven this is achievable and learned that so much more is possible. We want to amaze you! 

Our Vision

“To deliver an educational experience so engaging, rewarding and nurturing that our customers take ownership of it and share it around the world.”
– LiteracyPlanet

To have LiteracyPlanet used and loved by so many people is a privilege. To have played a part in each child’s learning journey, to share in their personal accomplishments, and in their academic successes… That’s priceless!

The measure of our success is the positive influence we bring to the education of all students, no matter their age, ability, or walk of life.

And now we are looking to the future, to build on a proven platform and expand the LiteracyPlanet community to many millions of happy, loyal, and valued members. We dream big, because we are inspired by the stories we have yet to hear, and the friends we are still to meet.

Our Culture

There is so much to love about being a part of the LiteracyPlanet tribe, for all of the reasons above and for all of the values we hold – but most of all… for the sharing and caring that holds everything together. We work hard to get things right, we often get things wrong, but we learn and move on because we work as one family.

The core of who we are is expressed by our Ethos, which is reflected by the spirit that manifests in our attitudes and aspirations:

Icon for Innocent Fun; Playful

Innocent Fun; Playful

Maintaining a childlike view of the world allows us to create imaginative and youthful experiences for all ages to enjoy.

Icon for Emotional Connection

Emotional Connection

Striving to offer everything while seeking little in return keeps our focus on building long, happy, enduring relationships.

Icon for Wonderment


Delivering moments of surprise that delight and excite are opportunities to keep the party going and the creative juices flowing.

Icon for Progressive


Taking a chance on new ideas today is how we anticipate the needs of tomorrow. It's how we continue to excel and light the path ahead.

Icon for One Community

One Community

The business is us, the people who work together and care for each other as family, and our customers, the people we serve and bond with through our product.

Inspiring a lifetime of learning




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