Meet Some LiteracyPlanet Legend Nominees!

We were right! Australia is FULL of young legends. Parents and teachers have so many stories to share about kids overcoming adversity at school, doing impressive things in their chosen sport, putting others ahead of themselves and simply doing their best. Here are just some of the nominees and their achievements. If you haven’t nominated the young legend in your life yet, do it today:


"I have never in my whole teaching career come across a program that so excites and motivates children to want to learn."

- S. Hall, teacher. 

"LiteracyPlanet is awesome. It makes learning fun."

- Riley, Year 9.

"My son loves LiteracyPlanet. It has totally engaged him. The rewards keep him motivated and wanting to achieve more."

- K. Shierlaw, parent.

"My students absolutely love LiteracyPlanet. I am asked every day if they can use it."

- A Oldfield, teacher.

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