Makes catching up fun and effective

LiteracyPlanet’s reputable brand of evidence-based, curriculum-aligned content and cutting-edge digital technology has been proven to be an effective way to develop literacy skills in students.

A major research study from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) analysed scores and usage levels of students using LiteracyPlanet’s digital programmes from January 2016 to January 2018, meticulously investigating 500 million rows of data to see what is working well.

And the results speak for themselves.

Key findings

PwC analysis found LiteracyPlanet to be effective at improving the literacy outcomes for students of all levels. To see how LiteracyPlanet affected the scores of students PwC divided the scores into four equally proportioned groups based on their average score in the first month of use.

PwC found students ranked in the bottom 25% of scores after the first month of use recorded significant levels of improvement in line with the number of exercises they had completed.


Data showed that after just 30 LiteracyPlanet exercises the gap in average scores between the students in the bottom 25% and the next best group was reduced by over 70%. Students who have poor literacy skills when they started using the program saw the biggest improvement in their scores overtime.


What this tells us

PwC analysis also found that the more exercises a student completed, the higher their average score. This strategy was most effective when students were below or at their year level.

These findings suggest teachers with students who are currently underperforming compared to their year level can expect to see significant improvements in the pupil’s average score, simply by assigning them easier LiteracyPlanet exercises.