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User guide for the Australian Curriculum

LiteracyPlanet has published a new user guide called LiteracyPlanet & the Australian Curriculum. LiteracyPlanet’s content is developed by educators and designed to complement and support teaching of the Australian Curriculum from Foundation to Year 9 and up. The new guide helps teachers understand how LiteracyPlanet is aligned to the curriculum and links each exercise to the…

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LiteracyPlanet schools at top end of 2015 NAPLAN results

LiteracyPlanet NAPLAN graph

The 2015 school NAPLAN results show LiteracyPlanet is boosting literacy outcomes. LiteracyPlanet reviewed the published NAPLAN results of its most active school subscribers and found they achieved on average 5-11% higher than the Australian schools’ averages in the 2015 NAPLAN literacy skills tests. According to LiteracyPlanet CEO Adam McArthur, the school results reflect the feedback…

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