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Early Literacy a Key Focus for Gonski Funding

Amongst the talk and debate around how schools should use the additional Federal Government funding they will receive following the Gonski review, there is a broadly accepted priority: early literacy. Studies find that 16% of children have reading skills that fall below the average range and 5% have a significant reading impairment. Also that poor…

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Scientific Study Shows LiteracyPlanet Improves Reading Outcomes

A study by leading reading researchers at Macquarie University’s Department of Cognitive Science has found that using LiteracyPlanet with children who are classified as poor readers has significant treatment effects. In the first study of its kind, reading researchers from Macquarie University and the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders,…

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Experienced Teachers Share Advice for New Teachers

LiteracyPlanet - Experienced Teachers Share Advice for New Teachers

A while ago, we asked this question on our Facebook page: what advice would you give to a new teacher? The answers we got were so great, we thought we’d share them with you here – noting some of the common themes that came through! Differentiate your teaching “Treat each child as an individual and…

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