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Out and about in June!

Can you believe it’s the end of June already? It’s a busy time of the year at LiteracyPlanet, but as always we’re having an absolute ball bringing our program to schools around the world! Here are a few highlights from the month of June! Word Mania Australia/New Zealand Practice Round! The Practice Round for Word…

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What the NSW State Budget means for teachers

We’re right in the middle of another busy teaching year. And while many of us have enough on our plates to worry about right now, the the NSW Government made a couple of announcements in yesterday’s State Budget reveal that will have many teachers justifiably concerned. NSW pledges $10 billion for ‘hospital building blitz’: The…

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Word Mania incredible usage from students

Word Mania is one of our favourite times of the year. To have so many students spelling and improving their literacy ability is always one of the big highlights of the job for the LiteracyPlanet team. And this year the usage has been incredible. We’re still in the first few weeks of the Practice Round,…

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10 teacher tips from Instagram to try this summer

Summer’s here and many of us are gearing up to enjoy a well-earned break. During term it can feel like you barely have any time to think, but now that we’ve got a bit of breathing space we have the perfect opportunity to mix things up. Here are 10 teacher tips from Instagram to try…

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Tips to give your students an edge in Word Mania

Word Mania is officially underway and schools around Australia and New Zealand are already posting incredible results as part of the Practice Round! Word Mania is one of our favourite times of the year at LiteracyPlanet, and we love seeing schools post incredible scores and improve their literacy learning outcomes. As Round 1 draws closer,…

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