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12 Lesson Plans for Teaching Writing to Secondary Students

literacyplanet - 12 Lesson Plans for Teaching Writing

It can be tough to think of ways to keep things interesting when teaching writing to high school students. Fortunately, there are so many great lesson plans out there to give you a starting point. We’ve compiled a list of 12 great lesson plans for teaching different writing techniques and styles to high school students.…

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13 Little-Known Grammar Rules

literacyplanet - Little-Known Grammar Rules

The English language is complex, and it’s difficult for even native speakers to know all of the intricacies of its grammar rules. Here are a few of the more difficult grammar rules you can teach your students to help them master the purist’s version of the English language. 1. Who v whom Whom should be…

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5 Reasons Gamification Works in the Classroom

Reasons Gamification Works in the Classroom

Worldwide, we spend over 3 billion hours every week playing video games, and it’s estimated that by 2018, the global gamification market will reach $5.5 billion. Gamification is seen everywhere from the workplace to the gym – so it’s no surprise it’s also used a lot in the classroom. It also helps that the principles…

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Word Mania 2017 Boosts Students’ Literacy Skills!

word mania

School students in Australia and New Zealand have spent the equivalent of 30 years practising their literacy skills during Word Mania 2017. Run by LiteracyPlanet for Years 1 to 9, the annual competition is based on a digital word building exercise that challenges students to create as many words as they can from a board…

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How to Determine Differences Between Learners in Your Classroom

LiteracyPlanet - Determine Differences Between Learners in Your Classroom

Whether you’re new to teaching or are a seasoned professional, you’ll understand that each class and every student is unique. Where some students excel in writing activities, others struggle to remain focused. From tapping their feet, to humming, to clicking their pen, it’s obvious when a student isn’t concentrating on the task at hand. Although…

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New Gonski-inspired funding model

The Turnbull Government has initiated a plan to transition to a more equitable, needs-based funding model for Australian schools. Announced as part of the Australian Government’s 2017-18 budget plans, after heated debate Parliament passed the Australian Education Amendment Bill 2017 on June 23, 2017. The reform of the Commonwealth’s funding for schools comes more than seven years after Labour commissioned a…

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How to Correct 5 Common Punctuation Mistakes in the Classroom

LiteracyPlanet - Correct 5 Common Punctuation Mistakes in the Classroom

There’s nothing worse than reading through one of your most promising student’s assignments, and it’s riddled with punctuation errors. Commas placed after every second word, misplaced apostrophes, or perhaps no punctuation at all. Their content may be spot on, but without the correct use of punctuation, your student can only achieve a certain grade. It also means that their…

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Teaching Children to Read: 7 Creative Ideas for Your Classroom

There’s no one best way to teach young students how to read. Learning to read is a developmental process that takes time. Every child learns differently, so it’s important to incorporate different teaching strategies to hold their attention and keep them interested in learning. Teaching students to read doesn’t always have to be about formal…

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LiteracyPlanet schools at top end of 2016 NAPLAN results

The 2016 NAPLAN results show again that LiteracyPlanet is boosting literacy outcomes. LiteracyPlanet reviewed the published NAPLAN results of its most active school subscribers and found they achieved on average 5-14% higher than the Australian schools’ averages in the 2016 NAPLAN literacy skills tests: Year 3:  8% to 14% higher Year 5:  7% to 10%…

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LiteracyPlanet finalist for GESS Awards

LiteracyPlanet has been shortlisted as Primary Resource/Equipment Supplier of the Year in the international GESS Education Awards 2017. The awards, based in the Middle East and now in their fourth year, recognise and reward education resources and teachers, with the aim to encourage the highest standard of suppliers and educators in the region. The judging…

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