New Writing Concepts Content

LiteracyPlanet has developed new curriculum aligned writing content providing lessons, exercises and printable templates for persuasive, imaginative and informative texts. Both teaching and learning are supported as content may be used for whole class, small group or individual instruction.

Lessons outline the purpose of a range of text types and identify specific structural and language features. Text types covered include;

  • persuasive
  • exposition
  • discussion
  • narrative
  • procedure

Exercises are linked to each lesson and provide opportunities for students to develop their knowledge and understanding of each text type. A range of interactive questions require students to recognise and identify

  • structural elements
  • language features
  • purpose
  • differences between text types

To further support learning, teachers can download and print a range of templates to assist students in planning for and writing each text type. Templates provide varying levels of support, allowing students to become increasingly independent over time

For years 3, 5, 7 and 9, exercises are also available to test student understanding of these text types. More text types, lessons and exercises will be coming soon.

Teacher FAQ

I don't see these new exercises on my tablet app.

This update will download to tablets automatically when launched if auto updates to applications have been enabled by your school.

If your application doesn't update automatically you can get it by going to the following URLs on your device:

You may need to speak to your ICT manager to activate this tablet update. They need to make sure that your home/school firewall allows *
If you already have the latest version and still don't see the exercises your students may be locked in year levels lower than Year 2.

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