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The Modern Library

As the World has just celebrated International Literacy Day for the 52nd year running, we thought it apt to celebrate the original haven of literacy… Libraries! The World’s first known library was founded in the 7th century, B.C, and for the thousands of years that have followed, libraries have remained integral to societies all over…

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Homework: How to make it work at home

In many households ‘homework’ can be a scary word. It can cause stress, anxiety and panic in both children and parents. Here is a simple guide to coping with those after school assignments in the most effective way. Routine: Having a routine for completing homework is essential. By setting up a regular place and time…

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What the NSW State Budget means for teachers

We’re right in the middle of another busy teaching year. And while many of us have enough on our plates to worry about right now, the the NSW Government made a couple of announcements in yesterday’s State Budget reveal that will have many teachers justifiably concerned. NSW pledges $10 billion for ‘hospital building blitz’: The…

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