10 teacher tips from Instagram to try this summer

Summer’s here and many of us are gearing up to enjoy a well-earned break.

During term it can feel like you barely have any time to think, but now that we’ve got a bit of breathing space we have the perfect opportunity to mix things up.

Here are 10 teacher tips from Instagram to try this summer.

1. Turn homework into a game

Struggling with student engagement? This great idea originally shared by Le Teacher Chronicles is a great way to get your students interested in their homework.

2. Make a set of microfiber whiteboard cleaners

We love this tip from beingmissausten. These microfiber mitts are very student-friendly and making wiping your whiteboard an absolute breeze!

3. Turn a drying rack into an art display

Anyone who’s had to separate wet sheets covered in paint would agree this tip from a.learning.moment is an excellent way to dry (and showcase) student art.

4. Keep your class organized with rolling carts

If your classroom is particularly prone to clutter, we’re sure you’ll agree this tip from adifferentiatedclass has the potential to be a game changer.

5. Store pain in soap dispensers

This tip might be a little messy setting up, but your students will love this novel way to dispense paint in the classroom, suggested by twinklroi.

6. Open it up to the floor

Now this one might be a little divisive, but naturallychiceducators says her team has gotten quite a lot out of the suggestion box she’s organized for her students.

7. Use clothes pegs to help develop pencil grip

We love this teaching hack! A simple (not to mention cheap) way to help young students get a handle on fine motor skills.

8. Store paintbrushes in toothbrush holders

Paintbrushes are one of those things in a classroom that always seems to go missing, but this tip will ensure they’re always in a safe spot.

9.  Color code your electronic devices

Managing devices can be a bit of a headache in some classrooms, but this simple organizational tip helps remove the confusion.

10. Color code your art supplies

Here’s another great idea from mrs_garsides_classroom to keep things neat and tidy in the classroom and ensure art supplies are not mixed up.

We hope you’ve enjoy our teacher tips! If you have any you’d like to suggest to us, or would simply like to get in touch with someone you can do so here.