Your sneak peek into what’s next

We have something new coming your way! As of September, there will be a new program released with brand new features we know you’ll love. Here at LiteracyPlanet, we are all about making education fun, so that’s what we have endeavoured to do with our new program.

Take a sneak peek…

A new face lift

We have a new interface for both primary and secondary years. Check it out here:

Primary Secondary Interface

No more flash

The new program is built in HTML5 for better audio and video capabilities. It is also tablet-friendly and compatible with any device with a web browser.


Advanced reporting

New and improved reporting is available. ‘Student Strand Activity’ Report and ‘Improvement Report’ highlight student achievements, improvements and progression through educational concepts. Book in for a webinar here to learn more.

improvement report 1

Spaced repetition

Our model ‘Learn, Practise and Test’ is implemented to get students practising and learning. Assign students with missions; if they do not reach 85% proficiency, the mission is reallocated until proficiency has been achieved.

New tools

We’ve introduced a Curriculum Alignment tool and a Teacher Assignment tool to let you decide on what missions you want your students to complete. You can choose based on the curriculum or by whatever concepts you want your students to cover.


Custom Spelling functionality

The Custom Spelling Tool enables you to create your own spelling words or vocabulary missions, rather than use the spelling and vocabulary lists provided by the program. The custom spelling tool is useful because it helps you reinforce the vocabulary you are using in the classroom.

New rewards system

There is a new Rewards System which has students earning gems to accessorise their new Avatar in exciting costumes. This fun element helps keep students engaged. A growing body of scientific research shows appropriate gamification has a variety of academic, psychological and behavioural benefits. LiteracyPlanet’s engaging program helps to achieve this.

We hope you love our new program! Stay in the loop with updates from LiteracyPlanet via the Hub or through our Facebook group.