School Case Studies

Read how these schools use LiteracyPlanet to improve learning outcomes.

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Brookfield State School

Providing innovative teaching and learning practices

"The children are engaged when completing the activities and are consolidating the concepts learnt in class." - Katie Lewis, Deputy Principal


Croydon Public School

Providing quality teaching and learning programs

"The teachers enjoy the interactive nature of the program, the abundance of activities and the ability to access student results and activity easily and efficiently." - Mrs Gratsounas, Year 5 Classroom Teacher


Ocean Reef Senior High School

Bringing technology into the classroom

"LiteracyPlanet is well liked by our students. They look forward to not only using the program at school, but home as well. " - Victoria Green, Level 3 Classroom Teacher


Hillcrest Christian College

Covering all literacy requirements

"LiteracyPlanet improves learning outcomes by providing a comprehensive suite of resources and activities, covering everything from reading to writing, to grammar and more." - Danni Foster-Brown, Deputy Head of JLC - Academic Performance and Innovation.

Thomas Hassall - web

Thomas Hassall Anglican College

Differentiation in a modern learning environment

"We have seen excellent improvement...Literacy is a 'hot topic' now that all students have to reach higher minimum standards to be awarded a Higher School Certificate. LiteracyPlanet assists students, teachers and families with achieving these goals." - Julie Smythe, English teacher and Co-ordinator - Learning Support.

Nichols Point PS

Nichols Point Primary School

Engaging and motivating 21st century learners

"Because of the high level of engagement, students want to use LiteracyPlanet at home and during class time, so that means more time completing meaningful tasks that are relevant to them. Thus improving their literacy skills and learning outcomes." - Vicki Matthews, Teacher.


Tyndale Christian School

How to improve learning outcomes for all abilities

"I love that I can assign work to all of my students that meets their individual learning needs. I have seen results in my class dramatically improve. Some students have recorded results of up to 40% improvement." - Cassandra Quast, Middle School English Curriculum Leader.


A.B. Paterson College

For the benefits of a blended learning approach

"Teachers enjoy being able to personalise LiteracyPlanet tasks to suit the needs of each student, and find it offers great opportunities for students to consolidate learning in a fun and engaging manner."- Meagan King, Deputy Head of Junior School, Teaching and Learning.

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Epping Primary School

Differentiation in the primary classroom

"We have seen a significant increase in our students’ outcomes, and also seen motivation, enthusiasm and engagement improve. LiteracyPlanet sees students intensely engaged and enjoying their ‘learning’. ALL of our students have found the program to be amazing." - Crystal Afitu, Year 3-6 Coordinator.



Saint Stephen's College

Using technology to enhance teaching and learning

"LiteracyPlanet supports students in their learning journey by enabling them to work at their own level and at a pace that is appropriate to them. The gamified aspects of the program and high quality visuals engage and motivate students to do their best." - Anne Balik, Junior College Curriculum Leader.


Aberfeldie Primary School

Using flexible resources for an integrated learning approach

"LiteracyPlanet is great for differentiation as students can be split into groups related to their point of need. I can monitor each student and change their direction if required." - Lachlan Ferguson, Teacher.