Brookfield State School

Providing innovative teaching and learning practices

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Brookfield State School is a co-educational primary school located 25 minutes from the heart of Brisbane, with a reputation for providing differentiated and innovative teaching and learning practices to cater for students’ diverse needs.

Why did the school choose LiteracyPlanet?

Enthusiastic and experienced teaching staff are committed to developing the potential in every child through high quality academic programs that are challenging and rigorous. Brookfield State School’s supportive and inclusive environment ensures every student is striving to do their best and participate positively within the school community.

The school extensively incorporates digital technology to support learning, with an agenda to go the extra mile to improve literacy outcomes. All classrooms have laptop access, tablets are used from Prep to Year 2 and Years 3 to 6 incorporate a policy where students bring their own devices.

LiteracyPlanet provides the perfect fit for Brookfield State School. Students enjoy using the program, working hard to complete exercises and earn rewards while teachers appreciate the amount of exercises available and the ability to target exercises that align with the needs of individual students.

Brookfield State School has been using LiteracyPlanet in a variety of different ways to support the school’s literacy program.

Teachers are able to create differentiated spelling lists and groups of students based on these spelling levels. Each week a bundle of activities is generated for students to complete. These bundles include spelling activities, grammar activities, reading comprehension tasks and a linked writing task. Activities can be accessed by students both in class during literacy groups and at home as homework.

Bundles are set to begin on Monday morning with a view to be completed on Friday, and students work diligently to complete tasks and earn points they can use in the arcade.

Teachers enjoy the ability to create bundles of work over a range of concepts with clearly set time and date for children to complete.

Students are taking to the program with similar enthusiasm, enjoying the gamified nature of the program and working hard to complete tasks.

How the school uses LiteracyPlanet



Brookfield, Queensland


Co-educational primary school

Why LiteracyPlanet?

A program to cater for students’ diverse needs through innovative teaching and learning practices.

The children are engaged when completing the activities and are consolidating the concepts learnt in class.

Katie Lewis, Deputy Principal