Epping Primary School Case Study

How to create a differentiated learning environment for primary students

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Why did the school choose LiteracyPlanet?

eLearning is a significant component of the school’s curriculum. It is implemented across all subject areas as a key solution for how to engage students, and help them to develop vital technological skills.

The school chose LiteracyPlanet because it needs an interactive literacy program that can cater to a wide variety of learning needs and benefit a wide range of students. The school provides differentiation for gifted students all the way through to differentiation for struggling readers, and has to meet the learning needs of a diverse student group: English as a second language, gifted, advanced, intellectual disability, learning disorder, and disengaged.

With a variety of expertise in technology amongst the teaching staff the school also needs a program that shows how to teach a class with different levels of ability, and is easy to implement and manage, so it can be maximised in every classroom.

How the school uses LiteracyPlanet

The way teachers use LiteracyPlanet is a good example of how to differentiate instruction in mixed ability classrooms. The school takes advantage of the program's comprehensiveness and versatility to get the most out of it for every student and every year level.

In Foundation students enjoy sight words exercises and read the stories as a class on the interactive whiteboard.

With a range of abilities in Years 1 and 2, teachers enjoy being able to easily differentiate across all areas of the literacy curriculum, and use the instant results to extend and support all the students on a much deeper level.

Year 3 and 4 students in particular often request to ‘play’ LiteracyPlanet and do their assigned differentiated tasks, individual quests and custom spelling exercises.

In Years 5 and 6 the program is used on a daily basis as part of students’ structured reading and writing program. Students enjoy the grammar activities, custom spelling lists and activities set for homework. They rarely ask for assistance because explanation is built into the exercises, and teachers enjoy being able to easily and immediately access results to modify work where necessary.

Crystal Afitu, Year 3-6 Coordinator says: “LiteracyPlanet has proven to be a raging success, and has been an amazing addition to our school. It is interactive, FUN, aligned with the Australian Curriculum, easy to use and every one of our students is using it at school and at home”.

Year 3/4 teacher Paul V. says the program is easy for teachers to use and differentiate: “LiteracyPlanet has exceeded our expectations and assisted in creating excellent outcomes. It is extremely easy to use, change activities, and monitor student use and progress. It also helps with reports by making it easy to see the components of the curriculum that are being covered, and how students are doing”.

Ms Afitu adds: “Exercises are easy to find, teachers can assign and differentiate with a click of the mouse, and immediately available results give us the ability to cater to students learning needs instantaneously”.

The teachers feel that LiteracyPlanet has helped to improve literacy learning outcomes at the school, and much of this is because it is so effective at rewarding students of all abilities for their efforts, and keeping students engaged.

Says Ms Afitu: “We have seen a significant increase in our students’ outcomes, even in a short period of time. We have also seen motivation, enthusiasm and engagement improve. LiteracyPlanet sees students intensely engaged and enjoying their ‘learning’.

"ALL of our students have found the program to be amazing. They are excited to complete tasks as they are fun, easy to use and understand, and they are learning at the appropriate level.”

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We have seen a significant increase in our students’ outcomes, and also seen motivation, enthusiasm and engagement improve. ALL of our students have found the program to be amazing.

Crystal Afitu, Year 3-6 Coordinator

"When our teacher sets activities on LiteracyPlanet, we all get really excited because we know it is going to be a lot of fun. It is learning without feeling like we are learning."

Nicholas, Year 4