Ocean Reef Senior High School

Bringing technology into the classroom


Ocean Reef Senior High School is a large independent public school in the North West Metropolitan region of Western Australia. The school has a current enrolment of 1200 students in Years 7-12.

Why did the school choose LiteracyPlanet?

In 2017, Ocean Reef Senior High School was looking for a way to engage students in their literacy development, as well as pushing towards improving the technology environment of the school.

Toward the end of the year, Ocean Reef Senior High School participated in a trial of LiteracyPlanet when a pair of Year 7 English classes were given access for two weeks. At the end of the trial, students and teachers were asked to give feedback on the program, which was resoundingly positive. The school was looking for a program that was engaging, allowed teachers to differentiate learning for students, provided data to track and monitor progress and was easily accessible on the range of student devices; LiteracyPlanet met all of this criteria.

In 2018, the school implemented a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy for all Year 7 students, to account for the increasingly large role technology plays in students’ everyday lives. Teachers are supported in developing their use of technologies in the classroom so that all students learn to make the most of the digital technologies available to them. LiteracyPlanet has been a great addition to this.

How the school uses LiteracyPlanet

The program is used by all Year 7 students, and is used primarily in their English class under the guidance of their teacher. Leaderboards and a series of awards for high performers foster a sense of competition – with students even working in the library on LiteracyPlanet during their breaks to improve their point status.

Classes at Ocean Reef SHS are not streamed according to academic ability, so being able to assign differentiated bundles to students means that everyone is working at the appropriate level - even the most reluctant learners are excited by the gamified grammar, spelling and reading exercises. There are also students in higher year levels who are using LiteracyPlanet to develop their literacy skills as required.

LiteracyPlanet is used in the classroom, during breaks and also at home. Students are able to take responsibility for their own learning by adding in their own spelling lists and completing tasks set for them by their teachers at their own pace.

The overwhelming feeling from the students is that the LiteracyPlanet program is fun, rewarding and motivating, yet they are still learning. The program can be tailored so that students’ progress at their own pace and even those learners who struggle most, experience success. The fact that students can access the program on their own device enhances the success of the program at Ocean Reef SHS.



Ocean Reef, Western Australia


Co-educational state high school

Why LiteracyPlanet?

A way to engage students in literacy development and expand their use of technology in the classroom.

LiteracyPlanet is well liked by our students. They look forward to not only using the program at school, but home as well.

Victoria Green, Level 3 Classroom Teacher