How Oak Grove School
is using LiteracyPlanet.

Oak Grove School strives to ensure a balance of print and digital resources to support student learning. Technology and digital resources enhance what is being covered within the curriculum. Oak Grove believes digital resources should provide students the opportunity to access the content at a level that ensures they can be successful.

Sarah Cacciatore,
Assistant Superintendent


Oak Grove School started using LiteracyPlanet through the Word Mania competition. The students and the teachers enjoyed it so much; they continued to use it throughout the year.

LiteracyPlanet allows the students to be actively engaged in some healthy word competition during the Word Mania competition, which translates into vocabulary practice without having it to feel like academic practice.

The feedback from students about LiteracyPlanet is overwhelmingly positive. Students challenge each other, and see in real time as their scores improve on tasks. Generally, they like to perfect a task before they move on, meaning they are getting lots of practice at each skill and can implement this into their written work.

The first-grade team was very excited to win the first place spot at the conclusion of the Word Mania competition. The teachers were very proud of their accomplishments as we had a grade level celebration to honor their efforts. In turn, the teachers were able to share their students’ successes at a School Board Meeting so the whole community was made aware of how much they had accomplished and grown in their vocabulary and literacy skills.

Oak Grove School uses LiteracyPlanet for student-directed learning in class, teaching supplements in-class and also for individual students or groups of students in class and outside of class. The school also utilises LiteracyPlanet for homework.

Sarah Cacciatore, Assistant Superintendent

Educators enjoy the ease of implementation as well as the fact that the students really enjoy it so it’s not difficult to get the students to use the site.

Sarah Cacciatore, Assistant Superintendent

Students of Oak Grove like to compete with each other and are very academically driven. LiteracyPlanet is the best of both of those worlds.

Sarah Cacciatore, Assistant Superintendent

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