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  • Unrestricted access to LiteracyPlanet for 14 days without charge.
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  • Parent dashboard to view child's performance.
  • Peace of mind that your child is reaching their full potential.
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What your child gets...

  • Literacy skills that will last them a lifetime.
  • Access to app on unlimited devices.
  • Over 15,000+ games to keep them challenged.
  • Fun and safe competitions with friends.

What people are saying...

A. Balik - Junior College Curriculum Leader

"LiteracyPlanet supports students in their learning journey by enabling them to work at their own level and at a pace appropriate to them. The gamified aspects of the program and high-quality visuals engage and motivate students to do their best."

J. Tierney - Parent

"I am so thrilled about this program. Jack rushed home to do his homework. I cannot believe it. He has never been keen to do any learning work when he gets home. Clever program!"


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