Get a free Literacy Check
for your students

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly where your students are with their literacy skills? It starts here.

Identify your students’ proficiency across each literacy strand in just 30 minutes with the free Literacy Check. This online assessment tool uses LiteracyPlanet’s fun and engaging activities to test each student’s literacy skills. Students love it—it doesn’t even feel like work.

How it works

Understand your students’ proficiency across literacy strands with a Literacy Check – free with any LiteracyPlanet Membership (including Starter which is free).

1. Create student logins

Provide a unique code to your students so they can easily create their logins.

2. Complete the Check

Each student will complete a 5- 30 min test based on the selected literacy strands:

  • Phonics
  • Sight words
  • Spelling
  • Comprehension
  • Grammar

3. Get meaningful insights

Access the Literacy Check Report with meaningful insights for each individual student from the dashboard. Results are populated in real-time so you’ll get to see their progress as they complete the test!

4. Create personalised learning pathways

Use the Literacy Check results to provide your students with a personalised learning pathway with LiteracyPlanet activities that would help scaffold the development of literacy skills where needed. This technique is commonly used for targeted intervention and differentiation.

LiteracyPlanet Starter is free!

With LiteracyPlanet Starter, you’ll get to conduct unlimited Literacy Checks for your class.

On top of that, you’ll get all the below:

  • A teacher account with the ability to add up to 30 student logins.
  • Intrepizine access: A collection of engaging and stimulating articles that refreshes every week!
  • A leaderboard to see how your students are tracking and an auto-generated certificate to reward the top students.
  • Storyverse activity packs: Worksheets that are filled with fun classroom activities about the story of Agwa, and Boosh and their adventures.
  • Intuitive student activity reports that track individual student progress.
  • Students will get access to the platform will gamification features and some educational content.

Access activities across all literacy strands

Access curriculum-aligned online games that cover all major literacy strands with any LiteracyPlanet Membership, including LiteracyPlanet Starter which is free!

The ultimate Prep – Year 10 resource for teaching English literacy in your classroom.

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