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International Literacy Day 2019

There are many ways literacy is celebrated throughout the year, but no event is bigger than International Literacy Day (ILD). On September 8th, schools, libraries and organisations all around the world turned their focus to literacy. International Literacy Day is seen as a chance for governments and companies to show improvements in global literacy rates.…

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LiteracyPlanet : The evolution of our program

LiteracyPlanet was developed through various stages since 2011. It is now used by over 1m students across 70+ countries. While we have used various technologies to develop our program throughout this time, the majority of it has been using Adobe Flash. Adobe is planning on discontinuing ongoing development of Flash in December 2020, and its…

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LiteracyPlanet announces adaptive learning enhancements to its award winning online English platform

LiteracyPlanet has announced the release of a substantial upgrade to its leading English literacy platform. LiteracyPlanet is known for its comprehensive, engaging and effective online literacy program that is used by more than two million students in over 100 countries. Adam McArthur, CEO says: “We have been working on this upgrade for the last three…

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