Collaboration is the key for Darice.

Darice Pallett has worn many hats in her life; hairdresser, nanny, retail sales assistant, bookkeeper, mother, and now, Content Editor. A vital part of LiteracyPlanet’s product team, Darice formats and edits the content that students and teachers see when they’re playing and learning in LiteracyPlanet.

That’s a lot of people seeing what she does! And it’s clear she gets her energy from others and being able to help them.

“I love the positive, friendly people who work in this amazing company,” says Darice, “each person has a valuable contribution to make to the product.”

And the best part of her day? “Collaborating with other content editors and educators to make ours the best literacy program on the market!”

When we ask Darice where she gets her motivation and commitment for getting the job done to a high standard, she credits her parents who set a great example by working hard all their lives and an inspiring grade seven teacher, Mr Halliwell. “He was a smiling face to look forward to seeing every day. He made school fun, and in that environment, I reached my full potential. He also taught my younger brothers and some years after school taught me to play the guitar!”

Teachers should never underestimate the lifelong impressions they can have on their students.

Given this lady is so closely involved in literacy content, Darice of course has too many favourite authors to choose just one, but if there was one series she could listen to on audiobook over and over again, it would be Harry Potter. “The stories are so brilliantly told; I never get tired of listening to them!”

True to the characters of Enid Blyton mysteries (a favourite childhood memory), Darice is looking forward to her next travel adventure. In fact, in another career, she’d love to have been a travel writer, recounting and reviewing all the places she sees, stays in and experiences. TripAdvisor, if you’re reading this, no, we’d like to keep her at LP, thank you very much.

Back at home on the stunning Gold Coast (in a house her dad built 27 years ago!), you’ll also find Darice in her garden, working on the next craft project or volunteering at her local St. Vincent de Paul store. She loves turning her hand to merchandising, “I try to make the store look more like a boutique than an op-shop,” she remarks.

Known in her inner circle as fun, reliable, too honest, a lover of good food and a dedicated mother, Darice is one of those rare gems LiteracyPlanet simply would not be the same without.

The Downlow with Darice

Audiobooks or real pages? Audiobooks, so I can do two things at once!
Word with special meaning: Faith. Believing in something bigger and better than myself.
Song with special meaning: “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.” I had my first white Christmas a few years ago in the UK with my daughter. The festive atmosphere was wonderful.
First book I remember reading: It would have to be an Enid Blyton mystery.
The LP character I most resonate with: Jellypus.
Must-have avatar accessory: A scarf of concealment.