Kylie’s world of snakes, sandcastles and sight words.

LiteracyPlanet has our very own snake handler! Many years ago, during a working holiday stint in London, Kylie Della Valle worked at London Zoo hanging out with the slithery serpents all day. She may not have such slippery customers anymore, but she certainly approaches her job with the same dedication and care as she did back then.

Talking to Kylie, you get a real sense that you’ve met someone who has found her passion and is doing it—Every. Single. Day.

Since 2017, Kylie has been one of the dedicated Education Content Specialists at LiteracyPlanet. What does that actually mean?

“I create content to teach literacy concepts and skills for a platform that helps to develop kids’ love of the English language.”

She seems to have landed an awesome role, being part of a team that contributes so directly to the LiteracyPlanet mission.

But we don’t give just anyone this huge responsibility. Prior to joining the LP team, Kylie spent 18 years teaching children in classrooms, and many of those years she also spent as an Assistant Principal. It was this experience that ignited Kylie’s interest in developing literacy learning content. “I was lucky enough to be able to help other teachers with their teaching, sharing ideas and successes.”

When we asked Kylie what her favourite areas to teach were she told us “I LOVED teaching phonics, reading, writing and art.”

And she was one of those teachers who enjoyed spending hours outside of school developing content and resources for the classroom. The best part of her job now is that she gets to reach so many more students at once. “How great is that?”

As dedicated as she is to her job, Kylie is equally happy making meals for her family, building sandcastles and swimming at the beach, or hosting decadent (and slightly make believe) tea parties in her backyard.

It’s all real-life research for the next resource she writes.

Connect with Kylie on LinkedIn here.

The Kylie Fun Fact Files

LP Character I’m most like: Phoebe
My avatar would have: A book or a whisk
First book I remember reading: The Paperbag Princess
Favourite book: The Crucible
In another life, I may have been: A Nutritionist
I can’t wait to: Travel interstate again to see my family