Lana’s the Queen of the Keys.

Whether it’s at work or home, our Junior Software Developer, Lana Maller centres her life around play. We were recently invited to step into a day in her life and what a treat it was!

Lana epitomises what it means to love what you do. But we can assure you, she works HARD at LiteracyPlanet!

For a platform like LiteracyPlanet to come together so students and teachers alike can use it (in two totally different interfaces by the way), a huge amount of planning, project management, and understanding of the user and of what the product needs to deliver, is required.

Enter Lana. Her standard day consists of working with other members of the product development team here at LP, as well as with the content team. Together, they decide how to best display content and what steps are required to move through a process. Then Lana goes to work coding the platform to make it do precisely that.

Lana’s dabbled in designing some of the educational content you’ll find in LP too!

While many of us wouldn’t really appreciate what it is a software developer does, no doubt more of us will understand trying to find true enjoyment in work.

“Before LiteracyPlanet, I was working in retail and never really enjoyed going to work. Now, I love my work here as a software developer and I look forward to work every day.”

Finding a purpose. Check!

“The people are incredibly friendly, and I feel like I’m part of a special family at LP. I also love what we do and that I get to contribute towards our goals as a company.”

A fulfilled employee. Check!

Away from the computer keyboard, Lana may just be flexing her musical muscles on the piano keys. An accomplished pianist, she gleefully shares that if her developer career doesn’t work out, she’d be delighting audiences as a concert pianist. We get the distinct impression she’d excel at that too!

Otherwise, she loves a game of tennis or putting her own touches on the home she and her partner recently bought.

Wherever this clever and kind-spirited lady goes, she spreads a sense of joy and achievement that anyone should aspire to have in their life. LiteracyPlanet is so much richer for having Lana in our ranks. And we are excited for all the cool, fun and value-adding experiences she’s currently working on to be released into the world!

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A little more about Lana

Favourite book series: The Harry Potter series

Reading on a device or real pages? Real pages!

Quote I live by: “To resist the influence of others, knowledge of one’s self is most important.” – Teal’c, Stargate

LP character I’m most like: Word Monster. I’m always hungry!