Mark enjoys a little Metallica motivation

“We’re all born with the same sized soul and are all just trying to figure it out”. It’s a powerful sentiment that LiteracyPlanet’s proudly London-based Literacy Development Manager Mark Nicholls opens with when we sit down for a chat. He casually credits James Hetfield (of Metallica fame) for the quote.

It certainly seems to have stuck with Mark, given the enthusiasm he brings to his job.

When we ask Mark how he explains to others what it is he does, he gives us two answers. “If you’re not in sales or education, I’d tell you that we offer a programme that helps students improve their literacy. If you know the salesy landscape, I’d say we offer premium SaaS EdTech software!”

Either explanation is fulfilment in Mark’s eyes. He works tirelessly to solve teachers’ pain points and make a difference to the education of thousands of children by introducing them to the online program.

A career sales professional, Mark started in a property consultancy before moving into education. After managing international student admissions for seven years (including the fun perk of lots of world travel!), he spent some time in an education-focused digital marketing company before joining LiteracyPlanet in 2019.

Professional, laid-back and a real team player is how Mark’s colleagues describe him. All reasons why Mark loves being at LiteracyPlanet too. “Here, it’s a great environment to work and learn in. Everyone is very supportive, and you’re always encouraged, and given the opportunity, to try new things.”

Likening himself to LP’s Elder Wordsmith, Mark credits some of this wisdom to a former CEO of his who showed him how treating people well leads to running a better company, with happier customers, and staff. “It seems obvious, but you don’t find it in all companies. You certainly do at LiteracyPlanet though.”

But it’s not all work and no play for Mark. Literally. When he’s not demonstrating the wonders of LiteracyPlanet, he’s playing with his son George or strumming his guitar.

We have it on very good authority Mark’s much more than a muck-around guitar player too! In fact, if he wasn’t so happy doing what he does, he’d be “In a band, for sure! I once got the drum stick from Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich at a gig in Peru. I’m a bit of a fan,” Mark jokes.

He also enjoys running; a brilliant way to take in his hometown. “London is a very special place to be and to raise a family. I feel very lucky!” And this year especially, he’s looking forward to “a proper Christmas with family.”

Whether it’s literacy education, music, or family, Mark is one passionate LiteracyPlaneteer, who we’re very happy to have in our band.

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Mark’s Fast Facts

First book I remember reading: The BFG by Roald Dahl
Favourite genre: History.
Author I never get tired of reading: John Grisham.
Reading on real pages or a device: Real pages!
Best part of the workday: Mornings. I’m most productive before lunch.
The LP character I’m most like: Elder Wordsmith.
My avatar would have: A guitar.