Customer success is music to Renee's ears

If LiteracyPlanet ever forms a musical troupe, Renee Rooney will be first in line. The accomplished trumpet and cornet player (with a Music degree no less) has played in many brass bands in her time.

And it’s that focus on being a team member that has led LiteracyPlanet’s Head of Customer Success to where she is today. After cutting her teeth in Arts Management, Renee built extensive experience in account management in IT companies. She loves holding a role that allows her to interact with both customers and the LP team.

“I love any opportunity to show people what our platform is capable of, to give them the best experience and to support them in every way.”

It’s impossible to not get caught up in Renee’s enthusiasm. “I love working at LP because what we provide to the world is purposeful and meaningful. It has the ability to change lives!”

In a literary sense, Renee tells us the first ‘serious’ book she ever read was Bryce Courtenay’s The Power of One. She also loves crime. Well, reading it, anyway. “Lee Child is one of my favourite authors.”

We asked Renee to share a quote that resonates with her and suitably, the one that came to mind was a line from another strong and purposeful woman, Brene Brown: “Integrity is choosing courage over comfort.”

“Oh, and I also love my dear husband’s words to live by – ‘Don’t be a passenger in life.’”

Renee certainly packs a lot into her days. Between being a mum (her favourite role), doing house renovations, and sneaking in crosswords when she can, she is also completing post-graduate studies. You’d be forgiven for thinking Renee was an overachiever (she once got an A+ in an assessment she started and finished during the lesson it was due!) but in truth, she simply loves what she does.

It’s a big year ahead for Renee as the family prepares for the first of her children completing their last year of high school. There is also a fairly decent sized travel wish list accumulating as she looks forward to borders opening and reuniting with family and friends. In the meantime, she can’t wait to see all the hard work being put in behind the scenes at LiteracyPlanet come to life through fun and important enhancements to the program.

If Renee hadn’t pursued her musicianship and customer-focused work, in another life, her wish is you may have heard her name being screamed in the stands of the World Rally Championships. However, LiteracyPlanet is pretty chuffed to call this rally car driver wannabe, former trumpet-player, a member of our family, as she shows us all a little bit about courage over comfort.

Connect with Renee on LinkedIn here.

The Renee Fun Fact Files

LP Character I’m most like: Word Monster – I love that he’s so comfortable being himself
My avatar would have: A fantastic pair of shoes
First book I remember reading: ‘The Power of One’ by Bryce Courtenay
Favourite author: Lee Child
In another life, I may have been: A rally car driver
I can’t wait to: Travel!