About LiteracyPlanet

“Literacy learning that is accessible, inclusive, empowering, effective, and fun.” - Shane Davis, Founder.

Ten years ago Shane Davis started developing an online programme to meet the demand from teachers for a digital resource to help with their literacy teaching.

Since then LiteracyPlanet has become an internationally leading resource that brings together best practice English literacy education with the latest in digital software technology.

The result is an engaging and effective programme that leads to improved learning outcomes for children of all ages and abilities.

Today LiteracyPlanet helps children in schools and homes around the world to master English literacy skills, and prepare them for a successful future.

Our History


  • Intrepica is founded in Australia by Shane Davis, to create literacy teaching software for schools.


  • Research and development.
  • Intrepica develops custom software for reading researchers at Sydney's Macquarie University.  


  • Testing in schools. Teachers are thrilled by the way LiteracyPlanet engages and motivates students.
  • LiteracyPlanet for schools is officially launched.

2010 - 2013

  • Popularity and word of mouth drives rapid growth.
  • Continued research and development with academics and teachers refines the programme.


  • LiteracyPlanet launches a version of the programme for home use.


  • Finalist for best ‘International Digital Education Resource’ at the prestigious Bett Awards in London.
  • Content is aligned to England’s National Curriculum and Scotland’s Curriculum of Excellence.
  • Use of phonics and sight words content is proven in a clinical study to have a significant effect in improving reading outcomes.
  • Schools in Australia using LiteracyPlanet achieve on average 5-11% higher than the national schools averages' in standardised (NAPLAN) literacy tests. 



  • Word Mania is the most popular literacy competition in Australia, with more than 200,000 students from 2,000 schools building 63 million words.
  • LiteracyPlanet is used in 40 countries and counting...

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