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How to Determine Differences Between Learners in Your Classroom

Whether you’re new to teaching or are a seasoned professional, you’ll understand that each class and every student is unique. Where some students excel in writing activities, others struggle to remain focused. From tapping their feet, to humming, to clicking their pen, it’s obvious when a student isn’t concentrating on the task at hand. Although…

How to Correct 5 Common Punctuation Mistakes in the Classroom

There’s nothing worse than reading through one of your most promising student’s assignments and seeing commas placed after every second word, misplaced apostrophes, or perhaps no punctuation at all. Their content may be spot on, but without the correct use of punctuation, your student can only achieve a certain grade. It also means that their…

Ormiston Academies Trust implements LiteracyPlanet pilot

Ormiston Academies Trust has announced a 12-month pilot of LiteracyPlanet in a number of academies across its family network.

RAST Education appoints LiteracyPlanet for schools in Iraq

Rast Education in Iraq has chosen LiteracyPlanet to support English literacy teaching at its British International Schools in Zakho and Duhok.

New grammar exercises for tablets

LiteracyPlanet has added more than 300 new grammar and punctuation exercises to its content for tablet devices. The exercises add to the program’s curriculum-aligned exercises for Years 2 to 9.

Easier task assignment for teachers

LiteracyPlanet has released a new product update to make searching, locating and assigning exercises to students faster and easier.

New comprehension exercises for tablets

LiteracyPlanet has added its comprehension content for Years 1 to 3 to the tablet app, so students in younger year levels can now practise

LiteracyPlanet named Bett 2016 finalist

LiteracyPlanet has been named a finalist in the category for best ‘International Education Resource’ of the prestigious Bett awards. The Bett awards, which celebrate innovation in digital education and the best in resources

Launch of new student-guided mode

Teachers have welcomed the opportunity to incorporate a new automated digital resource into their literacy teaching