Innovative features that support and
promote English literacy learning.

Instant marking and reporting

  • Students receive instant feedback.
  • Incentives to encourage revision.
  • Progress and mastery is rewarded.
  • Teachers can monitor students.
  • Able to monitor and access results in real time.
  • Easy to identify areas of concern.

Useful student data

  • Teachers can generate useful student data.
  • Diagnostic tools identify areas of concern.
  • Multiple reporting options available.
  • See progress of individual student and class.
  • Easy to share data with other teachers.

Curriculum-aligned content

  • Comprehensive, curriculum-aligned exercises.
  • Helps students of all ages and abilities.
  • Aligned to the UK Curriculum, IB Curriculum, Cambridge and Common Core.
  • Integrated Curriculum Tool makes content easy to access.

Highly engaging exercises

  • Gamified style that students love.
  • Fun exercises encourage revision.
  • Presents difficult concepts in an engaging way.
  • Rewards progress and mastery.
  • Playful and suitable for all ages.

Student-Guided learning

  • Students self-direct their own learning.
  • Move ahead at their own pace.
  • Follow own learning pathway curriculum sequentially.
  • Cover all key literacy concepts.
  • Earning points to build their characters.
  • Report cards produced for all their work.

Teacher-Guided learning

  • Allows educators to assign exercises aligned with class-work.
  • Aligned to more than 65 curricula globally.
  • Students complete exercises that have been assigned to them.
  • Generate and analyse data on student progress.
  • Progress is rewarded with points.

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