How Brighton & Hove Preparatory
is using LiteracyPlanet.

"We can fully differentiate tasks in a subtle way and children can also self-select difficulty levels."

Lauren Mackey, Head of English
Brighton & Hove Preparatory


LiteracyPlanet offered a way for students to develop their literacy skills effectively while also having fun.

As technology adoption and use is a big part of their school development plan, it was vital that the chosen program appealed to students parents. A program like LiteracyPlanet with individual logins and differentiation, that could replace outdated resources such as spelling sheets sent home with students to learn with each week.

Whoever had the experience of sitting in a classroom with different learner types knows how hard it can be to accommodate learners’ unequal pace or preferences of learning methods. Brighton & Hove Prep have since used the LiteracyPlanet program to segment and supplement existing learning modules.

Data is crucial in determining the trajectory of a students progression – but just as important is being able to translate these sorts of metrics into actionable insights. The analytics LiteracyPlanet program provides makes divergent and personalised learning made easy.

“Children like the colourful games and range of activities. They really enjoy customizing their own avatar and earning points. They loved playing word mania and seeing our name on the leaderboard. It has allowed me as an English Coordinator to ensure cohesion between year groups in the way spelling is practiced and how homework is set.”

We use it from year 3 to year 6 for spelling and SPAG (spelling, punctuation, and grammar) activities but have also started using it for reading. This is usually 1-2 times a week in school and anytime at home, as they have 1 week to learn their spellings.

Lauren Mackey, Brighton & Hove Preps Head of English

Year 3 and 4 use console computers in the ICT suite and year 5 and 6 use the iPad app. We also have 8 iPad logins for younger children or those students with special needs.

Lauren Mackey, Brighton & Hove Preps Head of English

Teachers seem to like the amount of time it saves as well as the amount of differentiation possible. The dashboard is really useful for exploring how students are performing.

Lauren Mackey, Brighton & Hove Preps Head of English

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