Duhok British International School

Case Study


Duhok British International School (DBIS) is one of Rast Education Group’s leading British International Schools in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Why did the school choose LiteracyPlanet?

Rast Education partners with the British Council to deliver both the Cambridge and the Oxford international curricula, for its signature “British Education for the Whole Child”.

Every classroom at DBIS features an interactive white board, each student has their own tablet device, and further expansion of eLearning is central to the group’s ambitious development plans.

Nicholas Clayton, Principal and Deputy Director of Rast Education says: “Learners’ propensity for technology and demand for online learning increases year on year. It is essential that we as a school remain innovative and in touch with this generation of students. LiteracyPlanet is helping us to achieve our goals”.

The group chose LiteracyPlanet to support English teaching at its British International Schools in Iraqi Kurdistan. It was easy to deploy into the school’s IT infrastructure as a web-based resource, and the group was especially impressed with the fast and responsive technical support and the ability to use the programme across a range of platforms and devices.

How the school uses LiteracyPlanet

DBIS uses LiteracyPlanet from the Early Years through to Year 8.

“For us, it’s about developing more independent learners, and LiteracyPlanet certainly facilitates individual input, such as with the personalised spelling activities,” says Mr Clayton.

“Serving a generation with higher levels of computer literacy and technological expectations than ever before, schools now face ever more complex challenges in terms of student engagement and literacy development.

“Of course, these skills and outcomes remain as important as they always have been, but our delivery has had to shift to match the changing world around us. LiteracyPlanet has sharply identified this need and we are delighted to have their support in realising our own ambitions for our students and community.” 

Teachers enjoy the versatility of the programme for different abilities and accessibility at home, which adds flexibility to the learning structure and allows pupils to continue to develop their English skills outside of the classroom.

“LiteracyPlanet is a great programme for young English learners. It is individual and can be used across all levels from Nursery to Middle School. It can be used at home, it is fun and has an appealing design,” says Year 5 teacher, Valerie.



Kurdistan Region, Iraq.


Co-educational primary and secondary British International School, part of Rast Education Group. 

LiteracyPlanet is a great programme. It is individual and can be used across all levels. It can be used at home, it is fun and has an appealing design.”

Valerie, Year 5 teacher