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Notion International school’s goal is to build a life-long learning community that promotes international mindedness as well as embraces its own culture and identity.

Why did the school choose LiteracyPlanet?

LiteracyPlanet was selected as a way of bringing together the required literacy curriculum and the latest digital technology. It is important to the school to remain on the cutting edge of technology, while also providing students with the tools they need to gain international English proficiency. It was also selected because the school believed the students would enjoy the way the exercises were presented and wanted students to have fun as they were learning what was required.

How the school uses LiteracyPlanet

LiteracyPlanet is used by Notion International School in all grades; from pre-school through to Year 8. It is primarily used as a way of differentiating learning as well as assigning differentiated homework for students, achieved by placing students of different abilities at different stages in the program, which then provides the student with exercises and activities that are particularly catered for their needs.

Through the use of LiteracyPlanet, students’ reading confidence has increased, as well as their performance on customised spelling list activities. The teachers have seen this improvement through the use of the tracking functionality of the program. The fundementals of literacy are being increasingly mastered, such as phonics and vocabulary, which is having a positive flow-on effect across all other areas.

“As a teacher, my time is saved once I customize the spelling list every week.,” said Nahed Barakat who works as the Early Years Literacy Specialist at the school. “LiteracyPlanet also provides my class with a good deal of books and interactive materials which encourage learners of different abilities.”

The students are also finding LiteracyPlanet to be an excellent addition to their school – they find the interactive spelling games and reading activities particularly entertaining and developmental.

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Students’ reading confidence has increased, as well as their performance on spelling list activities.

Nahed Barakat – Early Years Literacy Specialist