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Oak Tree School Cornwall is a Special School that provides full-time specialist co-education for up to 35 children and young people aged 8 to 16 who experience social, emotional, mental health, communication difficulties and associated challenging behaviours.

Why did the school choose LiteracyPlanet?

Oak Tree School chose LiteracyPlanet after identifying the need for teachers to have an easy access base for the teaching of the key skills of spelling, punctuation, grammar, reading and comprehension skills.

LiteracyPlanet has enabled teaching staff to have fun, game-based lessons around these usually dry aspects of the English curriculum, and set a rewarding type of homework that both parents and students engage with well.

LiteracyPlanet offered a way for students to develop their literacy skills effectively while also having fun.

How the school uses LiteracyPlanet

The Oak Tree School uses the LiteracyPlanet program to help engage students with their literacy skills, with a focus on their spelling and comprehension skills.

Helping to expand the student's vocabulary acumen and phonics skills. It was important that the adopted program had a variety of tasks and functions for both the teachers and the students.

The fun interactive games that LiteracyPlanet offers help engage students and provide a variety of interactive games to challenge the students. The Oak Tree School also utilize the homework tool, allowing for the setting of specific tasks for students to complete before moving up (or down) a level if necessary.

“As an English teacher, I found LiteracyPlanet very useful in order to set homework and lock tasks so that I can identify where students have accessed the work and tried to complete tasks,” said Oak Tree School English Teacher Floella Grosvenor. “It helps staff to track progress and lock certain tasks to make sure they are completed by students.”

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I especially like being able to input our own spelling lists, and the vocabulary lists that are available for all grade levels.

Floella Grosvenor Teacher of English