Engaging & effective digital programme for
Secondary English

For students of all abilities to develop excellent English literacy skills.


For desktop and tablet. Suitable for all abilities and learner types.

Students using a tablet


Curriculum aligned for all key literacy skills.


Gamifiied to be interactive, challenging and motivating.


Proven to improve learning outcomes, and boosts Secondary results by up to 7%.

A literacy programme to bring out the best in every pupil

"LiteracyPlanet is especially practical for catering for diverse needs and varying literacy levels of students." - D. Blair.

"Scientific studies show that learning depends on attention, repetition and immediate feedback. LiteracyPlanet provides all of these things in a highly entertaining and rewarding environment that motivates children."

Professor Genevieve McArthur.

Department of Cognitive Science.

Macquarie University, Australia.


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