What teachers & pupils say


"I am really pleased we invested this excellent resource. It creates a buzz around my wonderful subject and really helps the Aldro students to improve in their reading and writing knowledge and skills."

M. Thompson, Head of English (Middle School).

Saint Stephen's College Case Study

Ghyllside Primary School

“LiteracyPlanet inspires children to explore the world of literacy skills in a modern, engaging and technical world. Children can confidently use LiteracyPlanet on they own at their level and speed. The children using LiteracyPlanet are finding that their literacy skills are improving without them even realising it, and whilst having a lot of fun! Win, win, win! ”

P. Bainbridge, ICT Resource Manager. 

Louie, Year 6.

"I love playing the custom spelling games. They have helped me get much better marks in my spelling tests."


"LiteracyPlanet has been a welcome link to ICT for us in the English Department. Alongside being fun, easy to use and providing a range of activities for all age groups in our school, we are so pleased that homework can now mean something. The children find the tasks challenging and they naturally repeat the tasks so that they can achieve 'Spin Wheels' and Gold medals. We have been able to extend our most able and at the same time provide age appropriate stimulation to those who struggle. Also, o-one knows what level and stage the work is set at which alleviates competition and self-esteem issues. LiteracyPlanet has become a full fledged part of our teaching resources and I would recommend it to anyone!"

N. Thompson, Head of English, Speech and Drama.

Joe, Year 6.

"It helps me get better at English. I'm more confident with my spelling and comprehension."

Wingate Junior School

“LiteracyPlanet is a great website for engaging all children in their learning. The short, exciting activities motivate them to want to do well, especially within spelling activities. A great classroom tool.”

L. Grimshaw, Teacher.

Jesse, Year 4.

"I love LiteracyPlanet. I like dressing my Avatar and playing cool games that help my English."

Hurstmere School

"We use LiteracyPlanet to support our Key Stage 3 students and have found that the impact is greater if all students use it as a regular part of their English lessons and homework. It allows for individual teachers to create their own templates with a variety of tasks aimed at developing specific literacy skills, and also to be able to differentiate templates for students in a class, such as for Literacy Catch Up Premium students.

"The diagnostic testing function allows for targeted intervention to ensure faster progress within English. Students find the programme easy to use and enjoyable due to the short gamified tasks. Students and staff are also able to see their points grow as they progress, allowing for internal competitions to increase motivation to use the programme as regularly as possible."

A. Reddy, SENDCo.

Ella, Year 3

"It helps me score higher on my spelling tests."

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