LiteracyPlanet's Global Word Mania 2019

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What is Word Mania?

Word Mania is a word-building challenge that’s easy to play but tough to master. Race against the clock to build as many words as you can from 15 letters in just three minutes, and help your school reach the top of the leaderboards!

4 November 2019 – 8 November 2019

12 November 2019 – 14 November 2019

Word Mania is run by LiteracyPlanet, an award-winning online education resource dedicated to improving English literacy in students. During Word Mania you’ll have full access to LiteracyPlanet for free! This gives you a chance to try LiteracyPlanet’s features including:

  • 15,000 curriculum aligned exercises.
  • Ability to bulk-assign exercises.
  • Student and class reporting features.

What is Word Mania?

Word Mania is a word-building competition for schools all over the world. It’s based on one of LiteracyPlanet’s most popular exercises and any student from Year 1 to 9 can take part!

How do I enter?

Schools that already use LiteracyPlanet will have access to Word Mania automatically! If you don’t have access, simply click here to register and we’ll set up free competition logins for your students.

How does it help?

Word Mania isn’t just a fun game! It’s proven to develop key literacy skills including spelling and vocabulary. During the competition teachers will have full access to LiteracyPlanet’s features.

What teachers are saying about Word Mania:

Tegan Ma
Head Teacher

"The students find it engaging and they’re transferring this knowledge into their reading and writing."

Josephine Parnell
Literacy Coordinator

"The students have really taken to Word Mania this year and they are enjoying the challenge so much."

Jim Rowbotham
Head Teacher

"Students are able to extend what they learn in normal lessons and that’s proved really beneficial."

Improve your students' literacy skills!

Word Mania has been shown to improve the literacy skills of students taking part in the competition. Average game scores have been shown to increase by 36% and the average number of correct words per game have been shown to increase by 20%!

 Join the world's biggest literacy competition!


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