Meet the LiteracyPlanet team.

LiteracyPlanet brings together evidence-based, curriculum-aligned content and cutting-edge digital technology. Our in-house team includes highly experienced and passionate English educators who are each committed to improving student literacy learning outcomes. To learn more about how LiteracyPlanet can improve your students' literacy skills, click here for an obligation-free demonstration.

Leadership Team


Shane Davis


Tom Richardson

Tom Richardson



David Weston

Commercial Director, UK & International


Renee Rooney

Customer Success Manager


Samantha Poblete

Global Marketing Manager


Karina Wolvey

Business Operations & HR Manager

Calum Fraser

Calum Fraser

Head of Accounting

Ibrahim Khan

Ibrahim Khan

Product Manager

Board of Directors


Richard Kuo


William Best

Non-Executive Director

Sara Watts

Non-Executive Director

Shane Davis

Founder & Executive Director

Our Educators


Kylie Della Valle

Kylie is a primary school educator with more than 18 years of classroom and leadership practice gained in both Australia and the United Kingdom.

She has worked as a Curriculum Co-ordinator, where she led the strategic design, development and implementation of English teaching, learning and assessment. She has co-ordinated the administration of Australia’s Best Start and NAPLAN standardised assessment programs, and led teams to analyse data and evaluate program effectiveness.

With a Certificate of Gifted Education, she has also directed whole-school differentiation of the Australian English curriculum to improve student engagement and learning outcomes.


Annelise Mitchell

Annelise’s teaching career has centred around a commitment to literacy and curriculum engagement.

She has worked as a Curriculum Co-ordinator for Senior English, and helped to effectively implement the Australian Curriculum, in both public and private schools.  She has been an English Curriculum and Literacy Specialist for the Education faculty at James Cook University, helping to educate English teachers of the future.

She has also operated her own tutoring centre, where she designed a comprehensive curriculum that scaffolded the entire literacy process, and to ensure student learning and engagement, from Early Childhood to University level.


Rob Mudie

Rob has enjoyed an impressive 35-year career in education, as a highly qualified teacher specialising in English.

He has worked in both the private and state education sectors in the United Kingdom and Australia, and held senior positions in a number of secondary schools, including Head of English for a high-performing school in England and Head of Humanities for a leading secondary school in NSW, Australia.

Rob joined LiteracyPlanet in 2014 and was instrumental in establishing the company, and introducing LiteracyPlanet to schools, in the UK. He is an enthusiastic LiteracyPlanet teacher trainer and continues to develop content for senior years. 

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