Case Study - A.B. Paterson College

Why did the school choose LiteracyPlanet?

How the school uses LiteracyPlanet

A.B. Paterson College's teachers understand how technology helps students learn, and how to use technology in education. The school has a blended approach to learning, and found LiteracyPlanet to be a great solution to consolidate the school's digital resources for multimodal literacy teaching.

LiteracyPlanet supports comprehensive literacy teaching across the whole Junior School, P-6. One of the most popular uses in primary is for students to input their own spelling lists to generate homework tasks specific to them. This helps to reinforce their classroom learning, and to understand how to do homework and why homework is important.

In the Senior School LiteracyPlanet is particularly useful for differentiated learning in Years 7 to 9. Teachers find that the tasks in the program are great to consolidate the explicit teaching that happens in the classroom and because it is designed for teachers sharing resources, teachers can design and share templates across classes and groups.

Students love the interactive and competitive aspects of the program, and the school has a class competition each fortnight.

Teachers enjoy being able to personalise LiteracyPlanet tasks to suit the needs of each student, and find it offers great opportunities for students to consolidate learning in a fun and engaging manner."

Meagan King, Deputy Head

Literacy Planet is an engaging multifaceted teaching and learning resource. Students are thriving as they utilise LiteracyPlanet in conjunction with regular classroom practices, to reinforce spelling concepts, practise comprehension strategies, elements of grammar and correct punctuation.

Tom Henry, Teacher

I can see my friends on LiteracyPlanet - I can encourage them by giving them a virtual high five! I like that on LiteracyPlanet it times me, so I can get quicker next time.

Lily, Student