Engaging & motivating program
to develop key literacy skills

  • Thousands of interactive exercises for desktop and tablet.

  • Highly engaging and motivating learning environment. 

  • Covers all key literacy skills from preschool to Grade 12.
  • Aligned to all US Curriculums.
  • Suitable for all abilities and all types of learners. 

  • Proven to improve results.

Literacy skills are at the core of your child's development

LiteracyPlanet brings together curriculum aligned literacy education and the latest digital technology. Whether for early reading skills or advanced grammar, LiteracyPlanet will provide your child with a learning adventure to help them develop excellent English literacy skills. Gamified and interactive, LiteracyPlanet will engage and motivate your child to do their best. It is so much fun, they won't even know they're learning!

LiteracyPlanet on tablet, desktop, laptop

Covers all key literacy skills



Sight Words






Grammar & Punctuation