Push students ahead and challenge them to achieve

LiteracyPlanet’s reputable brand of evidence-based, curriculum-aligned content and cutting-edge digital technology has been proven to be an effective way to push students ahead and provide high-achieving students with a meaningful challenge.

A major research study from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) analysed scores and usage levels of students using LiteracyPlanet’s digital programs from January 2016 to January 2018, meticulously investigating 500 million rows of data to see what is working well.

Key findings

  • PwC analysis observed a strong relationship between the amount of exercises a student has completed and an improvement in literacy outcomes.
  • A significant 12% average improvement in grades was recorded with the completion of just 70 exercises.
  • Data also found participating in a variety of subjects had a positive impact on student results and the more subjects a student participated in the higher their average score.
  • Students completing exercises from four subject areas have an average score that is 4.3% higher than those completing the same amount of exercises from two subject areas.
  • LiteracyPlanet offers an unrivalled selection of subjects and if you take advantage of this you can expect to see significant improvements in your students. This can be a great way to provide a meaningful challenge for high-achieving students.

Want to learn more?

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LiteracyPlanet is an online education program dedicated to improving literacy learning outcomes for students in the USA. LiteracyPlanet has thousands of exercises suitable for Elementary, Middle and High Schools and is also useful for Tutors and Homeschools.