Frequently Asked Questions

Does LiteracyPlanet my curriculum?

YES. LiteracyPlanet is a digital resource that aligns to over 50 major curriculums in the USA. It provides teachers with an innovative ICT tool to help facilitate a whole-school approach to literacy. The acquisition of literacy skills is based on a continuum of learning where students are encouraged to explore, develop and practise their skills in various contexts. Each skill is revisited until the student demonstrates mastery.

A social critical approach to literacy ensures that students can construct and reconstruct meanings from various multimodal and multimediated texts. LiteracyPlanet has adopted a futures-orientated view of literacy to address modern challenges raised by multiliteracies, new technologies, work practices and diverse social contexts. This dynamic resource helps improve students' literacy skills so they are better equipped to deal with the challenges of learning and living in a rapidly evolving society.

Does LiteracyPlanet provide an extensive range of lesson plans that deliver the curriculum?

YES. LiteracyPlanet is not intended to replace the role of the teacher. It is designed to support the teacher in their delivery of the English curriculum by providing them with an innovative and engaging resource they can use in the classroom. Lesson plans are available in the form of prescribed learning schedules after students complete the Diagnostics. Teachers also have the option of allocating specific work to students in the My Tasks section of the program. Teachers can quickly gauge if students have completed set classwork or homework.

How can the teacher ensure that students are completing literacy activities rather than simply accessing the 'fun' aspects of the program?

LiteracyPlanet's learning reward system ensures that students can only accumulate credit by completing work. Any classwork or homework that is set by the teacher must be completed before a student can access games in the Arcade.

Is LiteracyPlanet quick and easy to use in the classroom?

YES. It’s as easy as opening a web browser and logging in.

From a technical standpoint, LiteracyPlanet has been optimised to load and run quickly on standard computers with a broadband internet connection. As this is a web-based resource, there is no time-consuming installation or maintenance of software; program updates are instantly available.

How will this program engage students' attention?

LiteracyPlanet uses the latest research in digital learning to engage students' attention. Studies indicate that when students engage in educational games that allow them to control their own learning, they spend more time on activities. Students are also motivated to read when it is embedded in online exploration or digital games.

The reward system used in LiteracyPlanet makes learning fun and addictive. The more learning activities students complete successfully, the more rewards and recognition for achievement they receive.

How does the Diagnostic work? Can I select my own test?

The Diagnostics can be used to determine literacy skill levels in the key areas of Pre-Reading, Phonics, Vocabulary, Spelling, Reading, Comprehension and Grammar.* Diagnostics are available to students under the "Academy" section on the main menu. Teachers can access student diagnostic reports and the diagnostic tool under student settings.

In Guided Learning, after establishing the student's level of competency, a prescribed learning schedule is provided to target their literacy needs. Students are re-tested at the completion of their schedule to determine learning outcomes. Via the Teacher Admin, teachers may also elect to test specific literacy skills from a range of tests, such as Terminal Blends or the Soft 'c' and 'g' rule.

What sort of reporting function is available for teachers?

Teachers have access to comprehensive reports every time a student completes a learning exercise. The data is displayed in an easy to understand format with a description of each exercise, correct and incorrect responses and an indication of whether the student has passed the activity.

Historical data allows teachers to track students’ literacy development over time, and access comparative data for an entire class. This is made simple with the use of graphs and tables.

Can teachers set classwork and homework tasks?

YES. LiteracyPlanet allows teachers the flexibility of assigning classwork or homework to a whole class or individuals. Students access this work in the My Task section of the program. Teachers can easily check if students have completed all the set work.

Is age-appropriate content available?

YES. LiteracyPlanet caters to the learning needs of students aged 3 to adult.

Who has written the content?

The content has been created by experts in the field of literacy education who have combined their knowledge, experience and research to deliver a comprehensive literacy program. The aim of the program is to produce educationally significant outcomes for all students by improving literacy standards.

Do students have access to the program at home when a school subscribes?

YES. A school subscription to LiteracyPlanet gives students unlimited access to the program both at school and home.

Can a student account be transferred from a home subscription to a school subscription?

YES. When parents/guardians notifiy us that their child has been subscribed to LiteracyPlanet at school, we can transfer the student account to ensure that their results and rewards will be retained.

What equipment do I need?

LiteracyPlanet can be accessed on any computer or tablet with the following criteria.

Which tablets are supported?

iPad: iPad 3 and above with iOS 9 or above installed.
Android: Most Android tablets with access to Google Play Store are supported. We recommend that these tablets be kept up-to-date with most recent version of Android.

What operating systems are supported?

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
Mac macOS 10.7+ (Please note your computer must have a working sound card)

What browsers are supported?

Windows: Internet Explorer 11/Edge, Firefox latest version, Google Chrome latest version
Mac: Safari 9 or above, Firefox latest version, Google Chrome latest version
Flash Player: 21 or higher

Although we support all browsers listed, we recommend using Google Chrome for the best experience with LiteracyPlanet.


LiteracyPlanet is an online education program dedicated to improving literacy learning outcomes for students in the USA. LiteracyPlanet has thousands of exercises suitable for Elementary, Middle and High Schools and is also useful for Tutors and Homeschools.