Improve your students’ grammar and punctuation.

Grammar and punctuation skills are a foundation for effective, clear communication, and a valuable tool for every aspect of life. They govern word composition, phrases and clauses, as well as syntax, the rules, principles and word order. To learn more about how LiteracyPlanet can improve your students' grammar and punctuation, click here for a free demonstration.

Key features of grammar exercises

  • Hundreds of exercises to develop grammar and punctuation.
  • Students provided with grammar tips and examples.
  • Key concepts including speech, vocabulary, phrases, clauses, types of sentences, punctuation, proofreading and editing.
  • Options suitable for all ages.

Tested and proven

Schools using LiteracyPlanet perform better in literacy tests. Schools using LiteracyPlanet achieved scores 6-14% higher than the average for the grammar component of their standardized literacy assessment.

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