Improve your students' phonics skills.

Phonics is a method of teaching reading through letter-sound recognition. It involves developing phonemic awareness, which is understanding single sound units called phonemes and the letters or letter groups of our writing system that represent them. To learn more about how LiteracyPlanet can improve your students' phonics skills, click here for a free demonstration.

Key features of phonics exercises

  • Hundreds of exercises to develop phonics skills.
  • Incorporates both synthetic and analytic phonics approaches.
  • Follows the key steps to reading acquisition.
  • New letter sound correspondence is introduced via a tutorial.
  • Interactive exercises to test understanding and application.

Tested and proven

"Scientific studies show that learning depends on attention, repetition and immediate feedback. LiteracyPlanet provides this in a highly entertaining and rewarding environment that motivates children."

Professor Genevieve McArthur, Macquarie University.

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