Improve your students' writing skills.

Being able to express thoughts in writing, and to write well, is an essential skill for life. For students it is necessary for effective communication, improves thinking and creativity, and is a key basis on which their work, intellect, aptitude and ability will be judged. To learn more about how LiteracyPlanet can improve your students' writing skills, click here for a free demonstration.

Key features of writing exercises

  • Broad range of writing content with lessons.
  • Templates for persuasive, imaginative and informative texts.
  • Writing lessons outline the purpose of text types.
  • Helps students identify specific structural and language features.
  • Options suitable for all ages.

Tested and proven

"Scientific studies show that learning depends on attention, repetition and immediate feedback. LiteracyPlanet provides this in a highly entertaining and rewarding environment that motivates children."

Professor Genevieve McArthur, Macquarie University.

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