Build literacy skills for students of all ages and levels

LiteracyPlanet’s reputable brand of evidence-based, curriculum-aligned content and cutting-edge digital technology has been proven to be an effective way to develop a strong literacy foundation in students of all ages and abilities.

A major research study from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) analysed scores and usage levels of students using LiteracyPlanet’s digital programs from January 2016 to January 2018, meticulously investigating 500 million rows of data to see what is working well.

Key findings


  • PwC found LiteracyPlanet to be effective at improving grades across all levels.
  • After just 10 LiteracyPlanet exercises PwC observed a significant improvement in student literacy.
  • The biggest improvement in grades was observed when students who had reached the optimal number of exercises (70 to 100). PwC determined this was the sweet spot for getting the most out of student development, without being overwhelmed by content.
  • Students across the board recorded a 12% improvement in grades by the time they had completed 70 exercises.
  • For educators who are assigning 7-10 exercises a week, this corresponds to just half an hour of class time.
  • This data speaks for LiteracyPlanet’s versatility. It can be used as a tool to bring students who are falling behind back up to speed and it can also be used as way to help challenge students who are advancing ahead of their class.

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LiteracyPlanet is an online education program dedicated to improving literacy learning outcomes for students. LiteracyPlanet has thousands of exercises suitable for schools and is also useful for Tutors and Homeschools.