How Tyndale Christian School uses LiteracyPlanet.

"We chose LiteracyPlanet after trialling a number of online resources. We found that it had the best variety of content to effectively target the development of spelling, grammar and comprehension skills."

Cassandra Quast, Curriculum Leader,
Tyndale Christian School

Tyndale Christian School recognizes the significant benefits of eLearning and all middle school students have a personalized laptop computer.

After trialing many online resources for English, the school chose LiteracyPlanet because of its variety of content, the way it effectively targets development of spelling, grammar and comprehension skills, how time-efficient and easy it is for assigning tasks and marking strategies for teachers, and the ability to differentiate. The program is often used as a tool for English literacy revision for students who struggle with a particular skill or topic.

Individual templates are established to help that student develop their understanding. At the other end of the spectrum, it is used for differentiation for high ability learners, with teachers setting extension tasks that require them to work to the standard they are capable of.

Immediate feedback helps students of all abilities to better understand concepts and make progress more quickly. Aspects of the program that teachers enjoy the most include the variety of exercises, time-saving functions like automated marking, being able to easily see students’ progress, and the ability to set tailored work for students of different abilities.

"My favourite thing about LiteracyPlanet is that it is easy to do and easy to use."

Connor, Student

"I love that I can assign work to all of my students to work on simultaneously, which meets their individual learning needs in all aspects of English. I have seen results in my class dramatically improve. Some students have recorded results of up to 40% improvement."

Cassandra Quast,
Curriculum Leader

The visual game-like approach keeps students interested and motivated, which tends to result in better learning outcomes.

Alex Byrne, Deputy Principal

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