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Improve your students’ literacy skills, in a fun and inspiring way with LiteracyPlanet Starter, free for any teacher to use for as long as you like.

It gives you access to the thousands of learning games, content and resources in LiteracyPlanet, as well as many of the other fun and time-saving features we know teachers need.


No credit card required.

LiteracyPlanet Starter inclusions

  • Up to 30 students
  • Single teacher account
  • Single class group
  • Free student accounts
  • Unlimited Literacy Checks
  • Intrepizine access
  • Class leaderboard
  • Storyverse activity packs
  • Student activity reports
  • Student accounts (while some gamification features are limited, educational content is unrestricted)

Activities for all literacy strands

Curriculum-aligned online games that cover all major literacy strands.

The ultimate Prep – Year 10 resource for teaching English literacy in your classroom.

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Sight Words

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Grammar & Punctuation

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Identify your students'
literacy proficiency

With the free LiteracyPlanet Starter Membership, you will receive unlimited Literacy Checks to help understand your students’ proficiency across the literacy strands.

  • Assign the Literacy Check
  • Students complete the 5-30 min test
  • Identify how your students performed in each literacy strand

Create personalised
learning pathways

With LiteracyPlanet, educators have the tools to scaffold the development of literacy skills of every student, no matter their age or ability. Think targeted intervention and differentiation made easy.

Effortless student engagement

LiteracyPlanet has a built-in student recognition and rewards system that fosters an enthusiastic attitude towards learning. This has been shown to motivate students and keep them engaged (the more they learn the more they earn).

Reporting made easy

With LiteracyPlanet, you’ll spend less time assigning tasks, personalising learning, and running reports. The platform is designed to support teachers in targeting literacy across all subjects.

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For Primary and Secondary

Age-appropriate content for learners from Prep to Year 10. Our curriculum-aligned content covers the five key literacy strands: phonics, sight words, spelling, reading comprehension, and grammar.

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Curriculum-aligned content

Choose from over 75 curriculums worldwide. Be assured LiteracyPlanet’s content will align with your chosen curriculum and build students’ literacy skills from foundational to advanced.

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