Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to find the answer to your question yourself.

If any of the below don’t help though, please reach out to our Customer Care team at any time – we’re here to help.


How many students do I need to make this work?
As LiteracyPlanet is designed to be an individual learning experience, every single child will benefit from accessing it. LiteracyPlanet Starter and Pro memberships cover up to 30 students. But a single student is enough to get started!

What is involved in the sign-up process?
To get started, go to our sign-up page. Enter your email and your desired password and you’re in. A few more details such as your class’s grade level, curriculum and school name and you’ll be able to get your students using LiteracyPlanet straight away.

Is LiteracyPlanet suitable for all types of students?
Yes. Differentiation is at the heart of our content and gamification. Apply individual intervention methods for those who need it or extend proficient students with additional and more complex learning content.

Will I be able to show parents or school leaders the results?
Yes. Our reports illustrate individual student activity, proficiency, and engagement. It’s useful data that helps teachers identify student performance and learning gaps. Easily share it with both administrators and parents to validate your assessment.

How easy is LiteracyPlanet to install?
LiteracyPlanet is an entirely online product. It is a web-based platform for teachers and parents. This requires internet access only. The student experience is either web-based or on our mobile app. Using the mobile app will require downloading it from the App Store or Google Play. It is most suitable for use on tablets or desktops.

What are the minimum requirements to run LiteracyPlanet?
Visit our Resource Hub for details of our minimum requirements for operating systems, browsers and screen size.