Spark reading joy

At the heart of learning to read is enjoying the journey. Loving what we read leads to us being more likely to continue reading and most importantly, make reading a lifelong habit. 

This is what our reading content is all about. The diversity in our content including in Intrepizine and Storyverse are designed to deeply engage the reader in a topic or adventure, igniting their interest in reading for pleasure.

The essential skill

Fluent readers automatically decode what they read, freeing up their attention to focus on a text’s meaning instead. LiteracyPlanet develops reading fluency by providing reading practice of both short and long texts.

LP’s Reading Levels Guide

Give them what they love

Our philosophy is that students deserve the best reading content. It’s quite simple. None of those texts that they find ‘a drag’, rather, interesting topics and stories.

  • Articles are current, novel and engaging.
  • Content that develops reading comprehension and fluency.
  • Content that encourages critical thinking and social-emotional awareness.
  • Builds vocabulary and an interest in topics across diverse categories.
  • Develops a love of reading.

Supporting materials

Students are exposed to compelling and rich storytelling through Storyverse. They’ll quickly be immersed in the characters, locations and themes and even better, we provide additional teaching resources to solidify their learning.

Each Storyverse book includes a Storyverse Activity Pack filled with classroom activities and fun ideas including trading cards, reward cards, writing prompts, and characterisation worksheets.

Key literacy strands

Here at LiteracyPlanet, we strive to be the most comprehensive English literacy resource for you and your children, whether in primary or secondary school.