June 2024 Product Updates

  • Task Content Preview: Now, you can easily preview activity content before assigning it to your students or using it in the classroom. This new feature helps you select the most suitable tasks for your students, ensuring they receive the best learning experience possible.
  • Individual Student Results: We’re excited to introduce a new reporting feature that provides deeper insights into each student’s literacy proficiency! With this enhancement, you can now easily review exercise content and student responses at an activity level, allowing you to pinpoint where your students are excelling or may need extra support.
  • Set Up Groups Within Classes: We understand the importance of tailoring your students’ learning experiences to meet their unique needs. To save you time on admin tasks and let you focus more on teaching, you can now easily set up groups within a class and organise students into teaching groups with just a few simple steps. Plus, you can even add additional teachers to those groups! Learn how. 

October 2023 Product Updates

  • New Public Leaderboard for Schools: Curious to see how your school measures up to other LiteracyPlanet schools worldwide? You’re in luck! Check out our new school leaderboard, now live on the literacyplanet.com homepage. It highlights the average weekly scores for completed missions of the top 50 schools (scores can change daily), and for fairness, it gets a complete refresh at the start of each new week. Stay inspired and keep an eye on your school’s progress!

September 2023 Product Updates

  • Your Sound, Your Way: Now, students have the power to shape their own learning environment. Background sound effect preferences persist even after refreshing the page or navigating away. It’s all about creating a seamless and personalised learning experience. Just remember, these settings are browser-specific.
  • Effortless Spell Test Results: No more hassle of searching for correct spellings. We’ve simplified it all! Students can now access the right spellings directly from the results page, making learning a breeze.
  • Across All Devices: These exciting sound effect and Spell Test upgrades aren’t just for one platform. We’ve extended these improvements to our mobile users too! If you’re using iOS or Android (ver 1.32.0), you can enjoy these features. Plus, we’ve fixed autocorrect and prediction on iPads for a smoother learning journey.